The Track

Chassis: Dino Leisure
Engine: Honda GX270
12 Kart exchanges during the race. Eligible Classes
HON-Pro: 3+ years experience
HON-40: Team avg age 40+
HON-55: Team avg age 55+
HON-SP: Semi-Pro
HON-R: Rookie
HON-220: Team drivers weigh 220+ lbs

Rental Honda Dino

Rental Chassis: New Margay Ignite K3
Owner Chassis: Various with CIK Body
Supplied Engine:  Briggs & Stratton Endurance LO206
Same kart for the whole race.
Eligible Classes
ELO-PRO: 5+ years karting experience
ELO-PRO40: 5+ yrs experience & Avg age 40+

Endurance LO206

Multiple Classes. No license required.




745 Atlanta Road, STE 208

Cumming, GA 30040

[email protected]

1-866 RACE NOW‍‍‍

The Karts

New for 2018‍‍‍