Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there age requirements?
A. Yes, the Junior Division is 8 years old, but they also must be able to handle the karts with confidence.  A proper combination of age and size is necessary and is not evident until a test is performed with the Junior Driver.  Adult Drivers are usually 15 to 60 but exceptions can be made.

Q. How does raceday work?
A. What this video-> INTRO TO PROCUP RACEDAY

Q. What is provided to the drivers for the race?
A. Each driver gets the use of:
1) Specially prepared league Karts that allow the driver to showcase their skills
2) A helmet (You may bring your own)
3) A trophy if you win the championship!

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Gloves and a neck brace are a really good idea and closed toed shoes are required for the adults drivers.
Juniors are required to have a neck brace (LINK TO NECK PROTECTION) and wear jeans or a driving suit (Some are available on site).

Q. What is the race day schedule?
A. GT1, GT2, GT3

Q. How do I register for the season?
A. Register and pay HERE by the first practice of the season. Also, by registering you will be automatically be put on the PCK emailing list.

Q. How much does it cost to race?
A. Starting at $75 per raceday (2 races with 2 Quali sessions) or $420 per race season. Details are HERE

Q. What is the racing format?
A. Each of the three divisions competes in the following series of events. Once that division completes its races, the next will race.
Practice/Qualification - 5 Minutes (Determines starting position in Race #1)
Race #1 - 10 Minutes

Practice/Qualification - 5 Minutes (Determines starting position in Race #2)
Race #2 - 10 Minutes

Q. Are there points earned and how does that work?
A. Yes, Drivers earn points for each race which are tallied to determine the weekly winner and then the points are totaled at season's end to determine the season's champion in each division. A point is also earned for the fast lap of the race.

Q. How is it determined which division I will race in and what are the different divisions?
A. The 3 divisions are as follows:
GT1- Experienced Racer at Indoor Karting (50+ races) or other forms of racing with significant time on the Andretti Track.
GT2- Moderate Experience at Indoor Karting (20-30 races) or other forms of racing with little time on the Andretti Track.
GT3- Very little road racing experience of any kind but with some races at Andretti. (10-15)

Drivers will be observed at a mandatory practice or private session prior to the race in a kart that has been tested to form a baseline for comparison of the drivers skills. Fast laps do not guarantee the highest division as racing background and experience are also very important. Drivers will progress through the ranks usually from season to season, but occasionally drivers will be consulted about being moved to another division should it be determined they would be a better fit in another division.

Q. Can I race in more than one division?
A. Yes! 

Q. What happens if I miss a race?
A. Each driver can drop his/her two lowest scores so the zero points of a no show is dropped.

Q. When are the races and when do I need to arrive?
A. The races are on Saturday mornings (Check the schedule for exact dates) and if you are registered for practice arrive before registration, drivers' meeting, and the race.

Q. Do you need Corner Workers for the races?
A. Absolutely. Let me know by clicking the appropriate box during registration and attend the Corner Worker meeting.  ,